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Schottlander's Wagyu

Schottlanders Wagyu farm was established in 2005 by Gerhard Baden and is situated in Rose Valley, Gerringong. A lush green area of the south coast region in New South Wales.

The farm comprises of 230 acres of prime grazing land for cattle to wander, which has remained chemical-free for the past 40 years.

The name "Schottlander" has been inherited from the dairy farm Gerhard grew up on as a child in the north of Germany.

The family is currently investing heavily in the Wagyu market, visualising an opportunity to provide a stress-free environment for these animals and eventually aiming to supply the local and Sydney market, with top quality, full-blood, Wagyu beef.

The Schottlander property has a current herd of 340 full-blood Wagyu cattle. The marbling in the breeding cows is rated at 9+, the highest quality currently available in Australia. The breeding herd will eventually be 110 cows for the property.

As well as grazing on some of the most lush land in Australia, there is an abundance of water for the animals to drink, from the many natural springs on the property.

The intention is to only feed with crops grown on the property, prior to sale, creating a self sufficient station. With it now being widely accepted that it is significantly healthier for the cattle and then ultimately the consumer, when the cattle are free to follow their natural diet and graze on fresh pasture, we believe this is important to negate the need for supplemental grain feeding.

The priority here, is to create a tranquil and stress free environment for the animals, which is imperative to the Wagyu breed gaining weight.